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              Food and Bread Processing Equipment Solutions

              Announcement about Fraudulent Emails and Internet Scams

              2017/12/26 ANKO FOOD MACHINE CO., LTD.

              ANKO is aware of current fraudulent emails circulating and targeting ANKO customers or some companies. Please note that ANKO will only send you an email through "@anko.com.tw" and "@ankofoodtech.com".

              If you receive an email from someone claiming to be from ANKO like the example of this email below, or any other suspicious emails, do not reply those emails. Please contact ANKO by the phone number or forward it to "anko@anko.com.tw" to check the authenticity and/or delete it.

              fraudulent emails

              Recently, online phishing scams are very common. ANKO reminds you to pay attention to them. Thank you.

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              ANKO Introduction

              ANKO FOOD MACHINE CO., LTD. is a food making machine manufacturer and a food production solution supplier. We've been offering professional food equipment since 1978. With years of experience in the food machine market, ANKO makes sure that our food equipment meets customers' demands.